Herbal All-Purpose Cleaner

Herbal All-Purpose Cleaner

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Leave those harsh chemical cleaners at your Mother-in-law's house and let your own place sparkle AND be safe for your kids and pets with this all-purpose cleaner that has surfactant power with all-natural soapberry extract.  Dilute concentrated formula into water at a 1:3 or 1:2 ratio.  This cleaner comes in:

  • Lavender & Eucalyptus

  • Fresh citrus

  • Peppermint & Sage

Your feathered, clawed, and four legged family is important as well, so be aware that Lavender & Eucalyptus and Fresh Citrus are potentially unsafe when used around felines. Birds may be sensitive to the Eucalyptus essential oil in Lavender & Eucalyptus, but should be safe with the other varieties.

*vinegar based cleaning products should not be used on stone, granite, marble, and concrete surfaces due to the likelihood of stripping any protective sealants.